Traditional Packaging

Since 1959, Landaal has provided innovative packaging and shipping strategies on time and above expectation. Our mission is to be the best full service provider of packaging products, supplies and services. Period.

Warehouse & Distribution

Ship Direct Services EDI Transactions Warehouse and Release Programs Commodity Management ProgramsMany manufacturers today are faced with having to warehouse product and ship smaller quantities. Limited space and/or other restrictions prevent manufacturing facilities from effectively managing distribution needs on top of their “core” business of manufacturing. Landaal Packaging Systems has over one-half million square feet of warehouse space, and 50 years of experience in the distribution business. Warehouse & Distribution page …

Returnable Container Mgt.

Container Sourcing End of Life Programs * Find new uses for old containers Container Flow Management * Ensure right container, right location at the right timeLandaal Packaging Systems provides options to lower the impact related to the management of returnable containers. Landaal, along with our alliances, is able to offer new returnable containers, refurbished returnable containers, as well as complete management of the returnable throughout the production cycle. We can also provide ‘Plan B’ expendable containers should supply run short. Returnable Container Mgt. page …

Contract Packaging

Autobag Glass Packaging Inspection Services Kitting Light Assembly Unit Packaging Large Carton Packaging Pre-Assembled Cartons Bag in Box Foam in Place Retail Packaging * Blister Packaging * Fill Packaging * RF Sealing * POP FulfillmentAny time a product cannot be manufactured and packaged within the same work center, it costs money! You can control this cost with Landaal’s Contract Packaging Services. Upon receiving your product in bulk, Landaal will package it to your specifications and ship per your requirement, allowing you to keep your production and shipping processes steady and consistent. Landaal Packaging Systems will help you get back to what you do best… packaging is “OUR CORE.”

Contract Packaging page …

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