In The News: Faces of Flint and Genesee ft. Bob Landaal

Bob Landaal, VP Sales and Marketing (Photo Credit: FGCC)

Bob Landaal, VP Sales and Marketing (Photo Credit: Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce)

Beating the odds for longevity in a family owned and operated business, the Landaal’s have succeeded in building, sustaining and growing a company in Flint, Michigan for over 50 years. The Landaal Family is now into their third generation and are continuing to thrive with renewed vision, innovation, and leadership.

Recently, the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce stopped by Landaal Packaging to speak with Bob Landaal, VP of Sales and Marketing. In the interview, Bob spoke about his mentors and inspiration, some of the challenges he’s faced, and his thoughts about Flint and coming into the family business. 

To see the full article (videos included), please visit the FGCC website:





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