Meet Team Landaal: Account Manager, Ann

At Landaal, packaging and displays are our business, but building relationships with people is the true heart and soul of what we do. It’s what gives our work so much meaning. No one understands this quite as well as our experienced Account Manager, Ann Lisiecki. For Ann, the best part of her job is overcoming challenges, working with her clients and exceeding their expectations.

In this edition of Meet Team Landaal, I sat down with Ann to learn a little more about her, her values, and what makes her job at Landaal Packaging so fulfilling:


So Ann, what’s your career story?

I graduated from Michigan State University [Go Green!] with a degree in Communication and a specialization in Public Relations. I was hired at Landaal shortly after graduating and started a one-year sales training program.

How long have you been with LPS and how would you describe your role here?

I’ve been with the company about 5 years now. Typically, a customer will have a product they need packaged for the first time, a product that needs better and safer packaging or a POP display to hold their product. In all these cases, it’s my job to come up with a solution while working alongside the design, sales support and production teams.

What are some of the challenges you face and what do you find is most rewarding?

The most challenging aspects of my job are dealing with factors that are outside my control, such as freight delays or purchasing specialty material with long lead times. It’s worth it, though, when we receive emails from customers like this: “THANK YOU!!!” We strive to go above and beyond at Landaal and we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations on sales and service. Some days are tougher than others, but when you get those grateful emails it’s a big reminder that hard work pays off.

What qualities do you think it takes to make a first-class Account Manager?

You must have a glass-half-full outlook – always. Sales can be an uphill battle and it’s easy to feel defeated at times, but if you just keep trying every day it does pay off. I think having an optimistic attitude, respect for others and a sense of humor are important traits for maintaining relationships.

Earlier you mentioned working with teams. Do you prefer to work with a group or do you like to go solo?

My job allows me to have a really good balance between both. When I’m with my customers, it’s just me, but when I’m back at the office figuring out pricing or how we’re going to package parts I work with my colleagues to come up with solutions that work best for the customer.

Speaking of teams, you head up a group of CRIM walkers/runners at Landaal, correct? Have you always been a runner?

A few coworkers and I get together weekly to keep each other motivated for the annual Flint CRIM race. I’ve enjoyed running since middle school and I think running (and walking) are great ways to stay active. I’ve recently started listening to Podcasts, which really help workouts fly by!

What else do you like to do outside of the office?

I love to spend time with my son and husband. We’re enjoying the adventures created by our 1-year old. I also like to cook, stay active, hang out with my girlfriends and indulge in reality TV.

What advice would you give a new hire at Landaal Packaging?

Be honest and ethical, ask questions and have fun!


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  1. Ed Recke

    Great interview. LPS is an outstanding company and great corporate partner to the city of Flint. One thing that sets LPS apart for other companies is the year long sales education program that Mrs. LIsieski participated in as a new LPS hire. Full disclosure Ann is my favorite daughter. Looking forward to seeingTeam Landaal at the Crim.

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