Eco-Friendly Wine Shippers

Eco-friendly Wine Shipper by Landaal Packaging Systems with Green Cell Foam
Landaal Packaging Systems manufactures the most eco-friendly insulated wine shipping container available in today’s marketplace.
Thousands of wine industry professionals attending the 2011 Direct To Consumer Wine Symposium and The Unified Wine and Grape Symposium will be among the first to see this revolutionary product, and have an opportunity to make wine shipping

Green Cell Foam Wine Shipping Box - Environmentally-friendly packaging

The Green Cell Foam eco-friendly wine shipper is now available in six-pack and several other popular configurations (see below).

a more environmentally-friendly part of their business.
“There is great excitement in the California industry about these new wine shippers,” said Andy Starr, “one winemaker said to me ‘I’ve been waiting for an environmentally responsible, sustainable, and insulated shipper for a long time.’ Green Cell Foam® delivers heat damage insulation, reduced label scuffing, and the most green materials available,” according to Starr, Landaal’s sales and marketing representative.
“Landaal’s mission is to be the leader in sustainable packaging,” says Terry Choate, Sales and Operations Planning Manager for Landaal Packaging. He’s also well aware that in today’s marketplace being green isn’t enough. “We must be competitively green as well” he says.
At the center of this product is a substance called Green Cell Foam®.
Landaal’s Green Cell Foam® is an alternative insulating material produced from little more than 100% US-grown corn, contains no petrochemicals, and has several responsible disposal methods, including composting.

Green Cell Foam® Wine Shipper Benefits

  • Green heat protection.
  • Superior thermal protection protection compared to polystyrene and paper pulp shippers.
  • Superior physical damage protection compared to polystyrene and paper pulp shippers.
  • Greenest materials — compostable, renewable and recyclable.
  • Extend your shipping season to include the warm months, too!
  • Soft on labels and capsules with less bottle motion and scuffing.
  • Natural desiccant protects labels from moisture.
  • Small carbon footprint.
  • Easy to pack, easy to store.
  • Shippers can be reused, recycled and the Green Cell Foam® has several responsible disposal methods, including composting.

University studies show that production of Green Cell Foam® has up to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases and a 70% decrease in energy requirements from polystyrene. Legacy materials such as polystyrene and polypropylene have a lifetime of hundreds, if not several thousand years in a landfill, not to mention being derived from non-renewable fossil fuels.
In the relatively young market of sustainable, eco-friendly shipping coolers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ Green Cell Foam® is one of the longest-used, most-tested and effective biodegradable cold chain shipping materials on the market today. Green Cell Foam® has passed or exceeded rigorous testing benchmarks set by the pharmaceutical industry for its refrigerated shipping needs, where temperature control is critical to the chemical integrity of medical products and human safety.

Wine Shipper Product Line

Eco-friendly Wine Shipper by Landaal Packaging. Landaal Packaging's wine shippers are the most eco-friendly insulated wine shipping containers in the marketplace today.

  • All common sizes,: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 packs.
  • Ships flat, saving warehouse space.
  • Sold as a complete set: Green Cell Foam® + outer carton.
  • Securely fits most 750ml bottles without scuffing.
  • Additional sizes coming soon.

Green Cell Foam® also adds the benefits of greater shock absorption, the ability to wick away excess condensation and a reduction in wine label scuffing.

Learn more about Landaal's commitment to sustainable packaging.

    Shipping coolers manufactured with a combination of corrugated and “Green Cell” foam panels are the preferred replacement for legacy polystyrene based products. Green Cell is a biomass foam product in which the main component is corn. This product is proven to meet the objectives of even the most comprehensive sustainable policies. Made in the USA.

Landaal Packaging Systems is a valuable resource for progressive-minded companies looking to shrink their carbon footprint, or simply to rethink their packaging materials and shipping practices.

Green Cell Foam® is a registered trademark of KTM Industries, Inc.

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