Cutout Café finds unique niche in the Classic Car Enthusiast

Flint, Michigan has been a hub for automotive ingenuity for over 60 years.  The city’s strong history of car manufacturing makes it a perfect back drop for classic car events such as the annual Back to the Bricks showcase which will be held from August 16th through the 20th this year.

Car enthusiasts flock to the city to relive years gone by and share stories regarding their vintage autos.  The enthusiasm and passion in their voices when they speak of the engine size, gear ratios, custom fabric, sport package and countless other topics is energizing.  The pride that they take not only in their vehicles but in the history related to their chosen ride, is remarkable.

A local company recognized a niche opportunity in this community; an opportunity that allows proud car owners to share specific details about their beloved classics. Cutout Café, a startup company created from the parent Media Café, realized what an important part these automobiles played in the lives of their owners.  From that realization, they created a customized Show Board product that utilizes high-performance materials combined with cutting edge digital print technology.

“It was really one of those light bulb moments”, shares Brian Masck, co-owner of Media Café.  “These pieces of history are showcased weekend after weekend, and each one has its own unique story.  There’s no more perfect way to get a quick overview than an impactful, graphic piece that highlights each vehicle’s unique features.”

So, what is a Show Board?  A Show Board is a superior quality, custom printed history of the featured vehicle, complete with owner-supplied photos, custom graphics, and a listing of key features.  These elements are printed onto rigid, water-resistant pvc board and then precision cut with a state of the art ZUND automatic cutting machine.  Each unit is backed with a durable easel, which allows the unit to be weighted and stand firmly on grass and concrete surfaces.  The easel folds flat so the board can be easily transported and stored.

For production of these units, Cutout Café selected Landaal Packaging Systems as their manufacturing partner.  As a leader in the large format retail signage and point of purchase display industry, Landaal Packaging Systems has a long history of producing high-end printed products.

“When we were presented with the concept, it just made perfect sense,” states Terry Choate, Marketing Manager at Landaal Packaging Systems.  “The emphasis from the beginning was quality and the final product really is a step above any other offerings that are in this market currently.”

In today’s world of personalized products, the Auto Show Board concept appears to be a perfect fit for the countless car enthusiasts throughout the world.


 Cutout Café custom classic car cutouts

 Cutout Café custom auto show boards

custom classic car cutout

2016 Corvette custom show board

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