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Improved service, reduced costs and enhanced performance are the goals of all warehousing and distribution operations. Using these areas for competitive advantage requires real focus on proper planning and continuous improvement.
Landaal Packaging Systems’ expertise can carry the warehouse from the initial planning stages through the implementation process, using proven warehousing and distribution solutions. Landaal provides on-site management of the entire implementation process to maintain quality, schedule and cost conformance. Landaal’s approach to implementing solutions ensures project success.
Implementation support is provided in the following areas:


Ship Direct Services

Choose the best carrier for your shipping dollar every time based on your requirements, timing, and routing.


EDI Transactions

EDI allows customers and suppliers to access timely information in today’s packaging environment. Landaal Packaging Systems is finding ways to automate routine tasks and deploy resources to valued added opportunities. EDI shortens the time to send and receive order information. It allows us to view, track, and monitor your orders electronically.

  • No more forms
  • No more endless waiting for callbacks
  • No more postage expense
  • No more voicemail or busy signals


Warehouse and Release Programs

This program allows customers to order a larger amount of product and take partial shipments from it over an agreed time period. Each partial shipment is invoiced and paid for individually. This program is ideal for customers with cash flow and warehouse space constraints who want a balanced inventory program that gives them better prices, storage benefits, immediate delivery and cash flow assistance.
Some benefits include:

  • Price breaks due to volume purchase
  • Cash flow spread out over 90 days
  • Warehouse space savings
  • Zero lead time/just-in-time delivery


Commodity Management Programs

Changes in commodities prices can have significant effects on producer’s and consumer’s revenues and credit exposures. Landaal Packaging Systems can structure price hedging and materials management programs for our customers. We advise our customers on ways to manage their price and overall exposure to commodities, whether these are their products or raw materials used in their manufacturing processes.
Commodity management programs offer a multitude of benefits to our customers.  Some of these include:

  • Reducing or eliminating stock-outs/expediting costs
  • Maintaining a lower on-hand supply/inventory reduction
  • Usage tracking by machine and operator
  • Cost per piece reporting
  • Automates replenishment of inventory
  • Right-sizing of inventory supply based on need


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