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Landaal Packaging Poptech Point Of Purchase DisplaysLandaal Packaging Poptech Point Of Purchase Displays

Landaal Packaging is proud to offer state-of-the-art, patented technologies that will help you maximize the Point of Purchase marketplace – technology developed by Poptech, Ltd.

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Point Of Purchase Displays

. Landaal Packaging is proud to offer state-of-the-art, patented technologies that will help you maximize the Point of Purchase displays marketplace – technology developed Poptech, Ltd.

. Point Of Purchase Displays include Tiltbacks, Chairbacks, Endcaps & A-Frames… These are some of the most widely used corrugated merchandising systems in today’s marketplace. In their simplest form they’re an effective and inexpensive tool with which to get product off the shelf. They display merchandise front and center in retail environments to grab the consumers’ attention and increase sell-through percentages up to 68% vs. shelf placement.

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Why use Poptech Point Of Purchase Displays by Landaal Packaging to boost retail sales?

The problem with most non-Poptech POP displays is well-expressed by a senior buyer of displays for one of the largest confectionary companies in North America. He was quoted as saying … “Would you believe up to 90% of the displays I purchase for retail are either not getting set-up properly or not getting set-up at all”!

The patented technology used in the Poptech Point of Purchase displays by Landaal Packaging solves setup and most common problems associated with traditional — and in many cases legacy point of purchase display systems.

There’s another underlying reason … stability.

Displays with multiple assembly processes are more likely to be folded, bent or positioned the wrong way. This ultimately causes the corrugate to lose it’s original structural integrity.

Not to mention that the majority of conventional bases have no internal support systems.

Landaal uses multiple patented display systems invented by Poptech Ltd., that are so unique, so innovative and so effective at addressing these issues head-on that it has revolutionized the most commonly used displayers in the market today! These displays literally self-assemble in seconds. (See video below that demonstrates ease and speed of assembly. It’s fun!)

Poptech has made this tool even more effective and profitable for retailers. These displays are both an effective and inexpensive asset in retail to grab the consumers’ attention. Customers have seen an increase in sell-through percentages up to 28% vs. conventional display systems since utilizing Poptech’s technology.

Consumers are attracted to the magazine-quality printing used to show off professional graphic designs and high definition images showcased on the displays. Product manufacturers see them as their in-store marketing department.

We’re not just talking about bases or easels. Even the pre-affixed trays on the bases fold into the unit when packed out and completely ‘self-assemble’. All without compromising the integrity or strength of the trays!

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the very same technology put into Poptech’s bases to ‘pop’ open also addresses the ever-present concern of stability.

Our displays, pound for pound, hold more weight and last longer than conventional displays – period! Click here to learn more about creating your own Point of Purchase display.

Do Poptech Displays Deliver?

Watch (below) and you can decide.


. Click here to learn more about creating your own Point of Purchase display.


Poptech Buzz


“Poptech’s innovative display systems played an integral part in our most successful DVD launch to date. The ease and speed in assembling their displays at retail certainly increased our exposure, not to mention the structural integrity which ensured the displays lasted the duration of the promotion. Highly recommended!”

David Partridge, V. President- Sell-through Home Video — Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution

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“Awesome product. Space and freight savings are significant. Excellent service. Easiest displays in the industry to assemble and use.”

Rob Stahler, Sales & Marketing — Stephen Gould Corp.

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“I think Poptech’s corrugate designs are durable, customizable and simple to setup. The ‘pop-up’ design helps ensure that retail staffers choose to setup our promotion because they know it will be easy.”

Blaine Schwingenschlegel, Manager of Business Development — Sony BMG Music Canada

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“Poptech not only develops great innovative displays but is always focused on understanding our target market. They strive to keep our desired budget requirements while ensuring that our displays generate incremental sales.”

Gilles Thibeault, Retail Marketing Manager — Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc.

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Point Of Purchase - Landaal Packaging Systems - Wrigley Base Tray

With fewer pieces to assemble, Poptech’s patented technology allows for faster, easier setup and a sturdy, attention-grabbing presentation.

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